Friday, September 12, 2008

The View: Hard Hitting Journalists?

After watching John McCain and his wife Cindy appear on The View today, I came to the conclusion that the women on the panel of The View are doing a better job of asking the tough questions of the presidential candidates. While I am sure Elizabeth Hasselbeck was initially in her glory, I think the rest of the panel simply wanted to get some answers.

Even Barbara Walters, who usually annoys me with her constant need to keep a middle ground, went after John McCain like a pit bull…WITH lipstick. She pressed McCain hard on what exactly it is that Sarah Palin is trying to reform, seeing that it's been a Republican in office for the last 8 years? McCain also stated that Palin never had earmarks when she was Governor, which we know is not true.

McCain digs himself into a huge hole when he states that judges should interpret the constitution as the founders intended. When Whoopi asked McCain if this means she has to worry about becoming a slave again, he backtracks. And when McCain calls Roe vs. Wade a "very bad decision", the load groans from the audience was hard to miss.

Cindy also came out looking as if she were dressed for a formal cocktail party. She also gets prickly when asked about how many houses they have. When she says that this issue isn’t part of the campaign, she then goes on to talk about her parents and what they did for her. So I suppose that only her houses are off limits, not her family. So much for Elizabeth's veiled comments the other day about Michelle Obama and how much more open Cindy is in comparison. Cindy did admit that she doesn't agree with Palin, on Palin’s no exemption for abortion in cases of incest or rape.

If John McCain thought that being interviewed by a group of women would be easy, he was sadly mistaken. They (Whoopi, Barbara, Joy) skewered him, and did it well. In fact, they did it much better than the mainstream media has been doing. They tried hard to get solid answers to the questions on everybody’s mind than the other national news shows and talking heads. Sadly, McCain didn’t get it, at one point, he gave a heavy sigh, seemingly frustrated that they were asking real questions! And I for one felt that at least there ARE people out there trying to get real answers, and I’m glad that it came from a woman’s talk show.

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Music Wench said...

Great review! I only caught part of it as I was running in to grab some lunch and then right back out again to work. Loved that they didn't let him off the hook.