Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Deflect & Evade: Donald Trump’s Idiotic Strategy

I’ve been trying to keep out of the political fray until the Democratic and Republican candidates for the president have been selected. But the wackiness of Donald’s Trump’s candidacy is making that impossible.

How this person, who does nothing but deflect and evade issues or questions, can get this far in the race is beyond me. How this person, who has made headlines by making demeaning comments about women, can be supported by any woman is a mystery. How this person, who preaches nothing but intolerance toward people of other faiths or nations, can even be considered for the highest elected office in the United States is frightening.

Yet here we are. While Donald Trump hasn’t as yet been crowned as the Republican nominee, it is shocking that someone can even make it into the lead this late in the game. It make me wonder about the intelligence of the people who are voting for him.

It appears that the media, which gave Trump so much coverage early on and handled him with kid gloves in order not to alienate him, has realized that possibly they helped create this monster by not calling Trump out earlier on his outrageous statements. But today, and on The Today Show, it’s clear that the gloves are off and the media is now challenging Trump for his statements. In an interview this morning on the Today Show, embedded below, it clearly shows that Trump’s strategy of deflect and evade won’t work anymore. Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie challenged Trump’s statements and it was obvious that Trump was flustered, angry, and painted into a corner. I can only hope this is a turning point for his candidacy, and that voters in primaries and participants in caucuses will cast their vote for someone other than Donald Trump, driving the choice of the Republican candidate to the convention in Cleveland Ohio in July 2016.

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