Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Hillary Clinton For President – I’m With Her

I’m with her. The choice is easy. Her decades of experience makes Hillary Clinton perfect for the job as president. Some may think she is polarizing but I do not; if anything, she’s the only person with the political savvy to be able to bridge the gap between all parties. Any baggage that she carries mostly comes from her husband Bill’s past, and he isn’t the one running for president. She’s consistently demonstrated calm and rational thinking, plus grace under pressure.

I could have had a full time job the last few months simply focusing on Donald Trump’s gaffes. But why spend my time on an over-saturated topic? At first, the media trotted out Trump like a side-show freak, normalizing his outrageous behavior and comments. Finally, they realized they may have helped this buffoon actually reach the highest office in the country, and now the floodgates have opened. Trump, of course, isn’t smart enough to see this happen and with each day, he keeps digging himself deeper in a hole. This pleases me greatly and only helps my candidate more.

Donald Trump should have never been nominated. The end result of his nomination is a Republican Party in a state of implosion. If the Republicans want to be considered seriously in the future, they need to have a far better vetting process before they even present any candidates for consideration for president. The first qualification should be for any potential candidate to submit their tax returns for review, something that we are still waiting for Trump to do.  (Thankfully, someone leaked  one of his old returns, and it was a damning picture of Trump's business losses.) 

Here’s hoping that November will bring a win for Hillary Clinton. Our country needs her.

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