Friday, July 21, 2017

Trump as the “Law and Order” President? Hardly

I haven’t written anything in months. Truthfully, the Trump presidency has been such a train wreck that if I started posting my opinions, I would never stop writing. That does not mean I’ve taken my eyes off what Trump has been doing – and not doing.

He’s not doing anything constructive. His administration and the Republican controlled Congress hasn’t been able to get anything done. Their attempts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (AKA Obamacare) fizzled miserably. This was in part to the Republicans being tone-deaf as to what the people of the United States want and need. The fact that Trump's coziness with Russia plus his namesake son getting himself tangled in alleged illegal activity in June of 2016 and then lying about it hasn’t helped either. The steady drip, drip, drip of information which only revealed more lies on Trump Jr.’s part was bad enough, but today there are reports that Donald Trump – the president - has raised the issue to his legal team about pardons – for himself, his family and others related to the investigation. He's also expressed regret for putting Jeff Sessions in the job as Attorney General because Sessions recused himself from the Russia investigation.  So much for law and order!

A president simply cannot pardon himself; this would be what a dictator would do. And. it appears that if he pardons any member of his family, campaign staff, or administration, as it relates to the investigation of the Russian meddling in the election, those people would not be allowed to plead the Fifth Amendment when testifying and/or would not be protected from any other charges outside the Federal level. Again, so much for "law and order."

The bottom line is Donald Trump is acting like a guilty person trying to find any way to keep himself out of jail.

I can only hope at this point that the investigation into Trump and his campaign’s activity moves at light speed and impeachment proceedings take place with (hopefully) a quick decision on the part of Congress to boot Trump out of office. I don’t think this country can suffer the damage much longer. Trump’s “law and order” sounds like “NO law and order.”

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