Friday, September 5, 2008

The Hits Just Keep on Coming to the Republicans

Well, there are now so many varying news releases regarding the McCain/Palin ticket that I almost can’t keep up. And I haven’t even started really digging in to the opinions about McCain’s acceptance speech last night. The hits just keep on coming, and the next 60 days as the heat turns up on the election, things will only get more intense. So everyone else can play along with me, here is just what I found in the last 30 minutes, with either links or videos:

Palin Attended Five Colleges in Six Years

Spoof, based on the show “Northern Exposure” called “Too Much Exposure:

McCain blew up his own flight deck on the USS Forrestal

And the McCain response to the “Forrestal Disaster”

Sarah Palin Bombs with Independents (story from ABC, focus group video below)

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