Tuesday, September 30, 2008

McCain: Asking Simple Questions Now “Gotcha Journalism”

John McCain apparently has to now come along with Sarah Palin when she interviews with Katie Couric of CBS News. In this clip, McCain and Palin try to clarify, maybe even retract, a recent statement that Palin made about cross border attacks into Pakistan. Her original answer was in response to a question from a person who happened to be near a visit she made to a restaurant. (Palin said the voter was “hollerin’ out a question.”) What makes the matter a big deal is that it appears that there was egg on Palin’s face when she discovered her approach to Pakistan was more in line with Barack Obama’s than John McCain.

When I watched this clip, I was stuck by how condescending John McCain seems when he refers to the person who asked the question - who seemed to be the average American citizen at your average restaurant. Adding insult to injury, McCain seems to put down that it happened at a pizza place, as if you can’t expect real people to ask real tough questions if they happen to be in or near a pizza place. But McCain calls it “gotcha journalism.” Since when is asking a question, expecting an honest answer, and then the media reporting on it “gotcha journalism?” And when Couric asks Palin if she is sorry she made the statement, McCain answers for her. I guess she's not a big girl and can't stand up for herself. By the way, McCain also shows his vanity toward the end of the segment.

I guess women in the McCain campaign are supposed to be seen and not heard? By the way, asking a question and expecting an honest answer is not “gotcha” journalism. I have to give Katie Couric credit for going after the issue.

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Anonymous said...

McCain certainly has a real issue with how he talks to people who question him. I noticed this during the debate. He was condescending to Senator Obama. He was downright rude. He displayed much of this behavior with Katie as well. He treats everyone that questions him or disagrees with him or calls him on something as an enemy combatant. I wonder just how this guy is at dealing with things under pressure. Hopefully, we'll never have to know.


The Frequent Critic said...

I have similar worries. Over the years, I've seen McCain behave as quite a hot head, and that's not the guy that I want with his finger on the proverbial "red button"!

His true colors really showed in that interview with Katie.