Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Media Questions Banned For Palin Meeting with World Leaders

Associated Press reported that Sarah Palin met with world leaders today, calling it a
“tightly controlled crash course on foreign policy for the Republican vice presidential candidate, the mayor-turned-governor who has been outside North America just once.”

Photographs were public, but apparently questions from reporters were off limits. The AP article went on to say “There was no chance of putting such questions to rest with photo opportunities Tuesday. But Palin, who got a passport only last year, no longer has to own up to a blank slate when asked about heads of state she has met.”

The American people should be outraged. And, hopefully the manner in which the Republican campaign has continually sequestered Palin from the media should raise alarm bells with any voter with a brain. One controlled meeting day with heads of state does not make one experienced in foreign policy.

The media should take this situation and run it with all they've got. And the voters should speak as well, by NOT voting for the McCain/Palin ticket this November. If they are wiling to hide from voters now, what will they do when elected?

Personally, I don’t want to ever find out.

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