Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Part 2: Will Elizabeth Hasselbeck Please Shut Up

Please shut it! Thank you.

Back in July, I wrote about my disdain for Elizabeth Hasselbeck, begging that she just shut up.

Clearly, she didn’t listen. Speaking in Minneapolis at a Republican function, she took a shot at Michelle Obama, which even seemed to elicit a collective gasp from the audience:

Personally, I'm confused as to what Elizabeth refers. Is she saying that Michelle Obama is a primadonna that makes topics off limits to people? This is a new allegation to me, and I have yet to be able to substantiate Elizabeth’s attack. Is she trying to make Michelle out to be unreachable and elite? Again, I have never heard or seen any evidence of this, in fact, everyone seems to speak very highly of Michelle's approachability. Frankly, Michelle seems like an open book whenever she has appeared in television interviews. And that includes her appearance on The View.

In all honesty, it’s getting to be a little tiresome seeing Elizabeth try to use The View as her personal soapbox for the Republican Party. I was actually sickened when they gave her so much air time earlier this week to show her "behind the scenes" coverage of the Republican convention. It’s clear to me that she is just as opinionated as Rosie O’Donnell was on the show, and it’s getting in the way of encouraging true debate and intelligent dialog on the show. And her comment at this Republican function seemed so out of place that even the audience seemed a little uncomfortable.

So I ask one more time, Elizabeth, please give it a rest.

If anyone out there has any information that could substantiate, or rationalize Elizabeth’s accusation, I’d sure like to see it.

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Music Wench said...

Once again, agreed 100%. In fact, when she was going off, yet again, on one of her little tangents I thought about your first post on the subject.

She and Rosie were bound to clash like they did. I was surprised they managed to get along for so long. Both of them can't take a step back and if not agree, at least try to understand the other point of view.

Believe it or not I can see why some people like George Bush. I just don't agree with them. And if I find myself getting so emotional in a debate that I am driven to tears, I would stop and regroup. The only thing Elizabeth Hasselbeck is doing on that show is giving people the impression that Republican women are idiots.

I don't even think Elizabeth is stupid. But when she gets on one of her soap boxes, she gets defensive, makes no sense and comes across as an airhead.

Anonymous said...

I saw when Michelle Obama was on The View. I found her to be forthcoming and refreshingly sincere. She was just a very breezy interview and she answered all the questions that were posed to her, especially those by Elizabeth. I'm not quite sure what Elizabeth was talking about. Then again, Michelle could have been Mother Theresa. If she ain't a Republican she must be calculating and deceitful.

When Cindy McCain was on Elizabeth was totally the Cindy cheerleader. Cindy McCain was just as engaging as Michelle was. However, they never asked her how she handled the way the Republicans treated her, John and her daughter during the 2000 campaign. And now those very indiviuals who maligned her husband and her family are now working on their campaign. Ah politics you got to love it.

Me, it just makes me nauseaus.

I am