Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sarah Palin’s Newsweek Moustache: Tempest in a Teapot

Newsweek Cover
Fox News (AKA Faux News) and Republican pundits/bloggers seem to be having a hissy fit over the recent cover of Newsweek Magazine featuring Sarah Palin for their main story “The Palin Problem”. Why? Because Newsweek didn’t retouch, airbrush, or photoshop the picture of Palin, and her facial flaws, including a faint moustache, are showing.

Fox (Faux) seems to forget that Newsweek is not a fashion magazine. It’s not a beauty magazine. It is a NEWS magazine. I don’t expect fake news nor do I expect fake pictures in a publication like Newsweek. But apparently, Fox (Faux) likes its photos retouched, in the same manner it appears to handle its coverage of the news.

But let’s think this situation through. If, for example, I knew that I was going to have my picture taken for a magazine – or for any reason for that matter - I would be sure to have on my makeup and make sure that I don’t have any hair on my face that I don’t want there. Sure, if someone zooms in up close they may see imperfections. But that’s just the way it is. If Sarah is not bright enough or concerned enough to make sure that she doesn’t take care of a little moustache hair before a photo shoot, then this whole thing is of her own doing.

Fox (Faux) News wants to have all their news retouched so it is flattering to their candidate of choice. That’s their way. They say they are fair and balanced; I say they are consistently UNfair and IMbalanced. Sure, they try to bring on a talking head or two every now and then that supports the other side or a differing opinion, but they frequently, if not always, try their best to argue with the person for having an opinion counter to whatever agenda Fox (Faux) is pushing that day. In fact, being a Democratic talking head on Fox (Faux) News is akin to being a "red shirt" on Star Trek - you know when you get to the alien planet, you'll be the one who gets killed by the aliens, instead of the stars of the show.

In case you didn’t see it, here’s the video of the Fox (Faux) News meltdown over Sarah Palin’s moustache. It’s pretty pathetic. With all that’s going on with the economy right now, I guess that a little facial hair on a woman is more important to Fox (Faux).

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Music Wench said...

Ah yes, Faux News. I've been calling them FIX but Faux is even more appropriate.

I thought Palin wanted to be real? Being real doesn't mean plastering her face with make-up, does it? ;-)

Anonymous said...

I got to give them that. When it comes to distractions--Fox reigns supreme. Here's a message to Fox--women aren't perfect little Barbie dolls. Some of us, battle the moustache scenario. Let me not even start with the stray hairs on or under the chin. Cripeys it makes me crazy. These people are buffoons.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch the market is down almost 700 points, my husband's 401k is in the toidy and these harpies are concerned over a picture. And we wonder what's wrong with this country.

Someone pour me a drink!!!


The Frequent Critic said...

Music Wench - I don't think Palin would know what real is even if it walked up to her and handed her a business card!

I hear you MissKitty and empathize. I lost $10,000 in my 401K and IRA accounts just this week. It basically wiped out the last 5 years of gains I had in stock trades. Ouch!

Hang in there!