Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Barack Obama Show – A Winner

As you all know, I have already endorsed Barack Obama for President. Even though I’ve decided how to cast my vote, I still wanted to watch the half hour “show” that the Obama campaign aired on Wednesday, October 29th. (If you didn’t see it, I have it below.)

I think it did an excellent job in conveying what Barack Obama plans to do if elected. It also seemed to convey some of the issues facing many Americans right now. We face tough issues, but watching the show, I felt nothing but hope and anticipation for great things for the country in the years to come. The message was powerful.

I am curious, though, as to what fault will any McCain supporter find in what Obama had to say? In my opinion, for them to cast any stones on anything presented in that half hour would be a horrific mistake. To do so would mean that they find fault with hope. It seems that the McCain campaign will have to settle for whining about the fact that they accepted public funding for their campaign, and that Obama changed his mind and did not, allowing Obama to raise enough money to cover the prime time advertisement. McCain could have changed his mind too. My guess is that even had he done so, he would not have been able to raise the record-shattering amount that Barack Obama had amassed.

But, back to the half hour show. While watching it, I was struck by the fact that not only was I watching an interesting presentation, but also I think I was watching the entire face of presidential campaigning be changed forever. Sure, Ross Perot bought prime time airtime during his presidential campaign in 1992, but it was low tech, simple, and not as well produced. The Obama advertisement was clearly done by talented professionals, and it put him in the best light possible. It sold the product, which in this case, was a person. The McCain campaign ads have been so overwhelmingly negative, and focused so much on Obama and not on McCain himself, that they were off-putting and really didn’t give viewers a good impression of McCain or help to advance his ideologies. I think it will be a long, long time before any presidential candidate uses such negative campaign ads.

Was that Obama “infomercial” worth it? I think so. It solidified the confidence that many have in Obama, and it may have won over some undecided voters. It may have even moved some McCain supporters. It had a bonus to me, as I felt I was watching history being made, not just in advertising, but in presidential politics. If, by any chance you watched it and weren’t moved by it in some way, please comment below, as I would sure like to hear those opinions.

But for me - I feel good about my choice, and feel like we may be on the cusp of something very good. I hope my hopes are fulfilled on November 4.

A reminder: please be sure to vote. Don’t let the stories of long lines keep you away. Every vote is important, and your time will be well spent.

Obama Half Hour Ad (It does not include the live footage)

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Music Wench said...

I watched it as well. All I hear from conservatives is the usual BS about how he's already acting as if he's the president, etc. They're really just out of anything positive to say about themselves so they're finding fault with any little thing Obama does. He can't win with them and he apparently doesn't need to.

That map is turning a beautiful shade of blue and I couldn't be happier. :-)