Friday, October 3, 2008

Palin’s Debate Performance: Style over Substance

After watching the Vice Presidential debate with Joe Biden and Sarah Palin, the differences in each candidate became obvious.

Biden’s “bar” to measure his performance was set very high.
Palin’s “bar” to measure her performance was set very low.

Biden would focus on the issues and John McCain.
Palin would focus on the cameras and appealing to Joe six-pack and hockey moms.

Biden’s responses seem to be effortless and drawn from experience.
Palin’s responses seemed rehearsed (almost memorized) and shallow.

Biden would smile and laugh, seeming very loose and comfortable.
Palin would wink at the camera, as if there was an inside joke going on.

Biden respected his opponent’s title and addressed her as “Governor”.
Palin asked immediately if she could call him "Joe".

Biden appeared Vice Presidential and likable.
Palin appeared cute and folksy.

All in all, I think while Palin did not give the media any real sound bite to be used to mock her (unlike the Katie Couric interview), she seemed to be more concerned with how she looked on the camera. Biden, because he knew that all eyes would be on him for a gaffe or to make sure he didn’t bully poor Sarah, may have shown too much restraint. However, his game plan to debate the issues and the platform of John McCain rather than focus on Palin’s responses or recent gaffes of her own worked in his favor. He exuded confidence and experience. I didn’t get the same feeling from Palin.

I admit I am biased, seeing that Palin has not impressed me one bit before the debate. But the key thing here is that she did nothing last night that was remarkable enough to question my original opinion of her. So I’d have to say that Joe Biden was the clear winner, and I suspect that John McCain will not see any measurable “bump” in his poll numbers after this debate.

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Anonymous said...

As soon as Palin told Ifill that she'd not answer the questions, basically letting America meet Hockey Mom again, she lost me.

She came off a bit snarky and dismissive, much like McCain did last Friday. She so blew Biden off when he was talking about his late wife and daughter.

Hopefully people won't be mesmerized by Madam Palin. Winky winky.


The Frequent Critic said...

"winky winky" ... Miss Kitty you are so funny!

Music Wench said...

Ms. Palin impressed no one except her handlers who were relieved she didn't stand there and stare blankly at the camera. She babbled and she apparently was unaware of many facts and got others wrong.

On Mudflats last night someone joked he felt he was being sexually harassed by Palin because she kept winking at him. LOL