Monday, September 7, 2009

Obama To Address Students, Some Parents Fearful

I’ve been following the many recent new stories regarding President Obama’s speech to schoolchildren scheduled to be delivered on Tuesday, September 8. (The speech was published today on the White House web site. )

It’s a pity that some parents have become so afraid of the President of the United States that they made every effort to block their children from hearing the Presidents address live. It seems that some parents are panicked that the President would somehow try to subliminally indoctrinate their children into some secret liberal and/or socialist society. Or, they were afraid that the President would somehow sneak in some kind of health care propaganda.

Press Secretary Robert Gibbs made reference to these overreactions as being an indication that we have entered the ”silly season” when parents want to block the President from talking to their children about studying hard and staying in school, a message that students should already be hearing from their parents.

I think Gibbs was being too kind when he referred to this as the silly season. I think the overreacting parents are just being obtuse, close-minded, fear-mongering idiots. (This is why I could never be a press secretary.)

I read the speech and find it that it should be an inspiration to students everywhere. It sends a message that if someone studies hard and applies themselves that they will be better prepared for those days when they must choose a vocation and go out and find work. It doesn’t matter if the student chooses a vocation that is easy or complex – everything requires an education of some sort. It also encourages children to be responsible for themselves, a philosophy that can never be ingrained too early on in a child’s life. It is a given that some children live in differing home environments, or have differing skills. With the President using his own life experiences as an example, he could serve as a perfect role model for those students who need to break out of the mindset that their current standing in life is where they need to stay for the rest of their lives.

The speech poses no harm whatsoever, and any parent who reads it still thinks that this poses some sort of threat to their child needs to have their heads examined. If anything, these parents should be thankful that the President is taking the time to show interest in their children and their future. The parents who want to censor the President’s speech are the ones politicizing this event, and those parents should be ashamed of themselves.

You can find the complete speech to schoolchildren on the White House web site, here. )

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Michael said...

Well put.

samfan said...

Amen!!!! People here have been going CRAZY about this, and it has been nuts. Great job!

Anonymous said...

Let's face it LOJ, this is all about Obama being black. If this were Clinton or McCain giving the exact same speech, the crazies would be home fanning themselves listening to Beck and Limbaugh. As I've been saying to my friends and loved ones whenever they call him Nazi, it's code word for the other N-word. They won't say that one because that would expose them for the racists,fearmongering, illiterates they truly are. This man, our president, is not the big evil. Arrgh I get so crazy about this.


The Frequent Critic said...

Miss Kitty - Yes, I think you hit the nail right on the head!