Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Choosing the Democratic Candidate: Not Over ‘til Its Over

Being an Ohio voter, I was thrilled at the recent results in Ohio, Texas, and Rhode Island, but not for reason one might think. When the media wrote off any primary voting after the Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primary, and then wrote it off again after Super “Duper” Tuesday, it was great to see that there isn’t any one primary voting block has the final say in who is going to he the Democratic nominee.

It seems that Ohio,Texas, and Rhode Island did something that the media didn’t expect would happen – they prolonged the primary process. While some in the media commented that it’s the delegate count that matters, I still say that they are trying to steer the results in a way to confirm their own agendas. The Democratic candidate for the presidency is still up for grabs, despite the media's desire to make a quick choice of it. There are plenty of delegates - and those pesky Super delegates - left.

I won’t tell you how I voted in the Ohio primary, but I will tell you that I am very glad that these recent democratic primaries may mean that the decision could be made at the convention. And that sounds really exciting to me. First, it gives us more time to vet both candidates and really take a hard look at what they can offer and who is the best person for the job. Second, it could make for an interesting convention, you know, like in years past when the conventions actually meant something.

I don’t subscribe to the media’s fear mongering that seems to push for a clean Democratic choice before the convention. They are using the excuse that it will only split apart the party, and it will cause the Democrats to spend more money than necessary, putting the Republicans and John McCain in the cat-bird seat. I don’t buy it. Why? Because I don’t think a Republican can even hope to win this election anyway. Barring some sort of horrific revelation about something that Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama has done, there seems to be far more excitement out there about the Democratic candidates, and increasing displeasure in the Republican party, specifically the low approval rating of our current President.

I’ve talked to quite a few people over the last several weeks in all walks of life and of varying occupations, and I know of maybe only one or two people that are supporting John McCain or the Republican Party. Everyone else is either in Hillary’s camp or Barack’s camp, and the majority of those said that they would be happy to vote for either one of those two for President. I can’t recall any time in my life where there seems to be so much animosity for the Republican Party and so much love for the Democratic Party. And I know of many Republicans who have crossed over to the Democratic side, which could effectively stunt the chances for a Republican to win.

So the media’s reports of the closure in selecting a Democratic candidate were premature and misleading. My suggestion is the media and the pundits need to take a chill pill, realize it’s never over ‘til it’s over, and relax and go with the flow.

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