Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Ignore the Pollsters

A disclaimer first: I haven’t decided whom I’m voting for in the upcoming presidential primary, and I am not endorsing anyone at this point in time.

With the recent Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary, it became even more evident that voters should do one thing: ignore the pollsters.

Many in the news media had Hillary Clinton painted as a loser in the New Hampshire primary, based on all the polls. And this morning, those same people in the news media seem shocked – SHOCKED! – that Hillary actually pulled out a win. And now they are frantically trying to explain how it happened. Was it Hillary’s emotional comments after the Iowa caucus? Was it Bill Clinton railing about Barack Obama? Was it single women backing Hillary? Was it Barack backlash? Etc.

The answer is that when it all comes down to it, the only “poll” that should be believed is the one where the voters officially cast their ballot. And no matter how many polls are taken, one can't exactly predict what the voter will do when making their final choice.

Along that line, I also urge people to ignore the media when they say that it will all be over with “Super Tuesday”, AKA “Super Duper Tuesday” because so many states are having primaries on February 5, 2008. There will still be a lot of states left to vote after that date, and anything can happen between now and the very last primary. In my opinion, the media is being unfair by discounting the value of every vote.

So I for one am not going to let a pollster, or the media, or the outcome of other primaries decide how I vote in either the primary or the presidential election. I’m not a sheep that blindly follows the opinion of others. This election is the first one in many, many, years where the voters have many candidates to chose from. Because of that, we should all make informed choices.

However you decide to approach your state’s primary this year, make sure that you do one thing: VOTE.

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