Sunday, November 11, 2007

A makeover for the Catholic Church

It’s Sunday, and I didn’t go to church. Again. I was raised in a strict Catholic household, but after I started working and got married, I found that not only did I have no time for church, but church became irrelevant.

Part of the problem with the Catholic Church is that it is stuck in the dark ages. I had high hopes with the Vatican Council in the 1960s where it seemed there were going to be bigger changes down the road. They never came.

Over the last few years, I’ve read reports saying that the church is losing members. My opinion is that they need to reinvent themselves in order to bring people back. The first thing they should do is to give a serious look at two things: allowing women to be priests, and allowing priests to marry. I find it bothersome that an organization that speaks of love, kindness, forgiveness, etc. seems to be so close-minded about women and their role in the church. Likewise, if marriage is such a sacred sacrament, maybe priests should be allowed to marry so they can experience, and relate, to it.

Doing both could bring hopefully more stable and more well rounded candidates for the priesthood. In fact, it would good if it would just bring MORE candidates. It seems that priests are becoming harder and hard to come by. I’m not talking about lowering standards, just becoming more open minded about who can become a priest and how they can live a full life.

It’s time for a change. Is there anyone within the boys club of the Catholic Church that is willing to step up and lead the challenge? It may be the only way it has a chance, since women don't seem to have much of a voice, or power, in the church.

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