Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Memo to Anthony Weiner – It’s the Lie, Not the Photos That Is The Problem

Dear Congressman Weiner,

You’re not my congressman so I really should not care about whether or not you’re in office. But I don’t get why you think you should not have to resign over "Weinergate."

It’s not about the lewd photos you sent to others. I could care less about that behavior, although I do wonder why you would feel the need to do something that so disrespects your office. It seems a major lapse in common sense.

The issue is – you lied about it. Maybe you thought you were being clever by avoiding answering any questions about whether you sent those photos with a direct yes or no answer. But the whole story you concocted about your account being hacked and that someone else was responsible for sending the photos was blatantly false. It is perplexing that you don’t seem to understand that you did anything wrong. This is not just a little “white lie.”

If you can lie about something as simple as this, what else are you capable of lying about? Can constituents trust anything that you say? Your lie has disgraced your office and the story has become a major distraction to the real issues of the country – like the economy.

My opinion is that you should resign, and do it quickly. Then you can devote all your time to emailing your photos to whomever you want.

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