Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Obama Was Born In America. Period.

I think “birthers” – the people who believe Barack Obama was not born in the United States of America - are, frankly, a little nutty. Obama’s birth certificate has been produced and it has been verified over and over that President Obama was born in Hawaii, after it became our 50th state. There are two videos below that both show this information, plus more, confirming the information on Obama’s US birth. Yet, there are some people who, for whatever reason, refuse to believe it. My opinion is that these non-believers, these “conspiracy theorists,” are suffering from a case of severe brain damage, maybe with the side symptoms of racism and irrational fear.

Decide for yourself. Take a look at Jon Stewart’s commentary on the matter, which, while humorous, is right on target. I have also included the recent NBC Nightly News story, where Brian Williams takes a serious look at this issue, hopefully answering the question once and for all.

Will the “birthers” go away? Probably not, because brain damage often can’t be reversed.

Jon Stewart “The Born Identity”

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NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams

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Michael said...

Sad actually and what's worse if McCain had been elected, the nutty on the other side would have contested the issue too, since he was born at a military base outside of the country.

L.Taylor said...

If you accept the story without facts, of course you assume results that may differ from your opinion. If the birth is not true, why doesn't the president just have Hawaii release the original document, instead of the phony document of "live birth", which can apply to anyone seeking citizenship. Let's put this to rest reasonably and permantly by producing the real birth certificate. Why is it such a mystery? What are we hiding? Do it now.

Anonymous said...

It is against the law in Hawaii to release the original birth certificates. Other officals have reviewed the birth records and it has been verfied he was born in Hawaii. I have family that lived in Hawaii for years and it has been this way for a long long time, it's not just a new law.

FC, you are right, the nutballs are coming out of the wordwork!