Friday, May 22, 2009

Alltel “Air Quotes” Commercial: “Make It Stop!”

Before I go on my “rant of the day” I have a “disclaimer.” I recently “switched” my cell phone “carrier” to “Alltel.” And I am very "happy" with my "choice."

Now my “rant.” Will “someone” please make "Alltel" “stop” airing that "ridiculous" commercial where the “curly headed” guy speaks in “air quotes?” It is really getting “annoying” seeing it 4 times an hour, in just about “every” show aired in “prime time” and even not in “prime time.” It’s worse than reading a “Zagat Survey” book.

When watching a show using a “DVR” on can “zip” through these ads, but when one watches “live” only a quick “flip” of the channel with the “remote” will “spare” you. These are the only “choices” you have, unless “leaving the room” is a quicker for you.

After seeing what seemed like a “million” of these commercials “air” this week, I wanted to “throw” my Alltel phone “right out the window.”

Please, can “someone” tell “Alltel” to “make it stop?"

For your “enjoyment,” here is a clip of an old “Saturday Night Live” sketch with the “late” (meaning “deceased,” not “tardy”) Chris Farley, which the “Alltel” commercial has clearly “ripped off.” (By the way, even if I could “find” the Alltel commercial on “You Tube” I am not sure I would “torture” my “regular” readers by including it here. )

Chris Farley “Air Quotes” Skit

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Michael said...

Good catch on the rip-off, it's what my wife and I always think of too everytime we see that damn commercial. At least we don't have 'wizard' anymore.

74WIXYgrad said...

I agree about the commercial being more than annoying.

I do wonder what's going to happen to Chad when Verizon phases out Alltel? Being an at&t customer, I sorta miss "Jack" the Cingular guy.