Monday, January 12, 2009

Ann Coulter “Guilty” of Being The Vilest Woman in American (Maybe The World?)

Guilty - of being vile?
Ann Coulter is hitting the talk and news show circuit in order to promote her book, “Guilty.” Yet each time she opens her mouth, the only person I can find guilty is Coulter herself - guilty of being vile and despicable.

Part of the latest brouhaha started when the Drudge Report had claimed that The Today Show had canceled her appearance and banned her for life because of their liberal media bias and comments made in her book. Coulter appeared on the Hannity & Colmes show prior to her originally scheduled Today Show appearance and talks openly about NBC’s action in booting her from The Today Show which she seems to think is a setup: (See video, more afterwards.)

Coulter on Hannity & Colmes

Of course, when NBC's The Today Show called the bluff and had her on the day after her originally scheduled appearance, she denied saying that she made any such comments, saying "I didn't say that. That was from a reliable news report that, by the way, has never had to retract a report on exploding GM NBC." She added, "It apparently took the 'Today' show eight hours to remember that there was a Wednesday show that I could be invited back to." But Coulter went on to show what I think is her intolerant side in this video: (more after the video.)

Ann Coulter on The Today Show January 9, 2009

She then went on to CBS’s Early Show and continued her style of being close-minded and intolerant. In fact, at one point, she goes on and on so much that Harry Smith has to repeatedly tell her to “take a breath”: (more after the video)

CBS Early Show January 9, 2009

And today on ABC's The View, the whole panel – even Elizabeth at one point - was on the attack, clearly disgusted with Coulter’s intolerant view of things. They took exception to her rigid opinions on single mothers, who Coulter seems to blame for all crime in America, and said she had the statistics to support her views. At the very end, a clearly annoyed Whoopi Goldberg said to Coulter something like “You can dish it out but you can't take it, can you?” Here's the video:

It’s obvious that Coulter doesn’t seem to care who she alienates, because she thinks all this TV exposure will help sell her books. Coulter’s books may appear to be best sellers, but one has to watch the “bulk sales” numbers, which often come from specific groups who buy the books to distribute as “freebies” or incentives. Of course, I would imagine even the staunchest Republicans may be getting tired of Coulter’s increasing escalation of extreme intolerance and divisiveness. Personally, I think the party is going to begin to distance themselves from Coulter. As Elizabeth Hasselbeck’s recent trip to the White House to visit with the president was featured on The View the same day of Coulter’s appearance, I found myself wondering if the likes of Hasselbeck is what the Republican party prefer to have as an unofficial representative? With the trouncing that the party received in the last presidential election, it would not be a surprise that they would want a kindler, gentler woman to be their torch bearer than the harsh, closed-minded Coulter.

After seeing Coulter's recent television appearances, I think that I have officially become sick of her and the ugliness of what she represents. She may have a valid opinion somewhere in what she says, but it is certainly hard to find them when she seems hell bent on pointing fingers at everyone else. She may be the vilest woman in America, and I think the tide is turning against her and others with her closed-minded opinions. Hopefully her book will do nothing but gather dust, eventually to end up in someone’s recycle bin. That may be the only good it would ever offer.

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drea said...

I would not accept a free issue of this book. There are some ignorance that just shouldn't be published. I really don't think that she is educated enough to be placed in debates.