Friday, August 29, 2008

John McCain Panders to Women Voters With VP Running Mate

Now, just how transparent is John McCain’s choice for VP running mate? As transparent as glass just cleaned with Windex.

In my opinion, McCain selection of Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska , is a clear attempt to capture the Democratic female voters that his campaign believes will bolt their party because of dissatisfaction that Hillary Clinton wasn’t chosen as the Democratic candidate.

I think this is a mistake. It’s been widely reported that some women are unhappy that Hillary didn’t make the cut, and as I mentioned here just the other day, McCain is even running ads trying to capitalize on that. What they may not be taking into account, as many of these so-called Hillary supporters who voted for her in the primary were, in fact, republican voters who crossed over in many states to vote for her. Their motives may not have been clear. Maybe they were Republicans hoping to put a woman in the White House, maybe they were just those that were fearful of the Obama steamroller and wanted to throw a wrench into it by putting their vote elsewhere. Either way, my prediction is that McCain will not garner the huge bump in votes he thinks he had coming with this choice.

From my own personal experience, every voter I’ve spoken to – and that’s a lot of them – who voted for Hillary in the primary are voting for Barack in the presidential election. Many of them cite party loyalty as their reason, but most of them say that they are just sick of a Republican White House and think that Barack Obama is the person the country needs to serve as a real impetus for change.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out. But one think for sure is, that as a woman, it hasn’t swayed my opinion.

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Music Wench said...

Me either. Seriously, how many pro-NRA, pro-lifers were supporting Hillary Clinton in the first place?

I'm thinking whoever was responsible for selecting Palin wasn't thinking clearly.